Sunday, December 11, 2011

Warm Vanilla Milk (GAPS-friendly, no refined sweeteners)

Even though cocoa is allowed occasionally on the Full GAPS Diet, I try to really limit it on our house.  With our recent snowy weather, I've wanted something warm-and-cozy to drink as a nice treat.  Vanilla milk is a delicious alternative to hot cocoa.

Our family has progressed far enough on GAPS to tolerate raw milk with no problems, and I like to keep the temperature of the milk low enough to keep the milk "raw".  If you can't drink raw milk, try this recipe with coconut milk or raw cream instead.

Warm Vanilla Milk
  • 2 cups raw milk OR 1 cup raw cream* plus 1 cup water OR 1 cup full-fat coconut milk plus 1 cup water**
  • 3 Tb raw honey
  • 3/4 tsp organic vanilla extract
  • dash celtic sea salt
  • optional: pinch ground cinnamon
  1. Combine all ingredients in a medium saucepan. 
  2. Heat gently over medium-low heat and whisk to fully incorporate the honey.  NOTE: If you want to keep your milk "raw", make sure you don't heat it past 110 degrees F.  I find a digital probe thermometer to be crucial for keeping the milk from getting too hot, as I can set the thermometer to alert me when 110 degrees is reached. This also ensures that the milk is the perfect temperature for kids to drink without having to blow on it or burn their tongues.  If you are using coconut milk or aren't concerned about keeping the milk raw, then go ahead and heat until nice and toasty hot.
  3. Serve immediately.  If you find that the warm milk coos too quickly for slow drinkers, try serving it in a thermos.
*Raw cream may be easier to digest for people with lactose problems as it has hardly any lactose at all.
**You may want to add a touch more vanilla if you use coconut milk instead of dairy.

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Megan said...

Sounds yummy! I've been wanting something warm as well (even though it's hardly cold in FL) for the earlier/dark nights we have at this time of year, and I'm trying not to go overboard on chocolate right now so this could be the perfect fix! I usually can't finish a full gallon of raw milk in our family in 2 weeks either so this would be a yummy way to use it up.

Tara said...

Even though cocoa is technically allowed, I avoid it completely. Actually I've avoided it for several years (before GAPS) because of adrenal issues and the effects chocolate has on me. But just a few days ago I was wondering about cocoa butter. Apparently it has no caffeine in it and is just the fat; would this be acceptable and even good for us? I purchased some cocoa butter so I can make your whipped body butter with it (hoping the cocoa butter will be extra good for my itchy pregnant skin instead of the shea), and I started wondering if I could use it for culinary purposes as well. Any ideas about this? While searching for body butter recipes with cocoa butter, I happened to see an SCD recipe for brownies and a few other things made from the butter. Seems interesting, but wondering if it's a good idea.

Sarah Smith said...

Hi Tara,
I'm not sure. I've never used cocoa butter or even looked into using it. Let me know what works for you, as I'm curious now.

Laurie S said...

It's yummy with nutmeg, too. And a little butter (or ghee) adds richness. :)

Jill@ said...

Thanks for linking your great post to FAT TUESDAY. This was very interesting! Hope to see you next week!

Be sure to visit on Sunday for Sunday Snippets – your post from Fat Tuesday may be featured there!

Liz said...

Yum! Enjoyed this tonight. Really satisfying!