My Cookbooks 
My two cookbooks are packed with nutrient-dense, gluten-free recipes.  None of my recipes use refined sweeteners, and the vast majority of my recipes are grain-free and suitable for the GAPS and Primal Diets.


Food and Nutrition Books
I believe that we can all benefit from knowing as much as possible about how nutrition impacts health.  This list of books covers a wide variety of food and nutrition topics including Weston A. Price's research on traditional diets, curing ailments through nutrition, and cookbooks.

 Pregnancy and Birth Books
As a mother who has birthed two children at home, I am passionate about natural, drug-free birth.  This list of books of books includes topics such as fertility, obstetrical interventions, and resources for a natural, drug-free birth.

Parenting Books
My parenting style includes babywearing, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, elimination communication, and taking responsibility for my children's health.  This list of books covers a wide variety of topics including children's health, vaccinations, finances, and breastfeeding. 

Books on Children's Education and Schooling
This book list includes the best of all the books I have read on children's education and home schooling. These are books to inspire parents to create a great learning environment for their children, whether they or home schooled or not.