Sunday, October 16, 2011

Interview about Our GAPS Journey on Wooly Moss Roots

Taryn, from Wooly Moss Roots, has interviewed me about the GAPS diet.  Some of the interview questions were:
  1. What sparked your interest in nutrition and what has your food journey looked like so far?
  2. What motivated your family to start the GAPS diet?
  3. What changes in your family's health have you noticed since starting it?
  4. What would a typical day or week of meals look like in your house?
  5. What advice would you share for those starting the diet, to make the transition easier?
  6. What kind of diet would you like to eat after GAPS? Or will it stay similar?
  7. What have been your stumbling blocks while on GAPS?
Head on over to Wooly Moss Roots to check out the full interview!


Briana said...

Hi! I love your blog and always enjoy your recipes, thoughts, etc. especially those related to GAPS. I have been on GAPS since March and have experienced great healing. I read your guest post today and had a question for you - how do you store your soup/broth in the freezer? I have been using BPA-free plastic containers because they are pretty easy to use. However, I know that plastic is not good. Do you use glass? Thank you again for your blog!!

Sarah Smith said...

Hi Briana,
I use glass to store my broth in the freezer. I use either pint mason jars or the 7-oz jars from tomato paste (these are great, because then I can use a little broth any time I'm cooking veggies or other things). The main thing with glass is that you have to make sure to leave some space at the top for the liquid to expand when it freezes. I leave about 1-inch at the top, or basically just fill to right below the threads. I hope this helps!

Judy Tsafrir MD said...

Hi Sarah.
I could not figure out a way to send you a private e-mail, so I will contact you in this way. I am a holistic adult and child psychiatrist in the Boston area. I just completed the GAPS practitioner training at the end of September in New York. I have a blog on my website that often has a GAPS focus, and I thought that it might perhaps be of interest to you and your readers. I will include a link to a post that I wrote about the practitioners training. I believe that GAPS is a powerful healing modality, and I am invested in getting the word out there.
I subscribe to your blog and think its terrific. I love your recipes and natural health focus. Best, Judy Tsafrir, MD

Sarah Smith said...

Hi Judy,
Thanks for letting me know about your site! I will add a link to it on my Links page. I was just drooling looking at your recipe for your favorite go-to snack!