Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Our Daily and Weekly Homeschooling Routines

NOTE: There is a more recent post about our homeschool routine here.
Our Daily Homeschool and Housework Routine

One of the questions I am asked frequently about our homeschooling is what our daily and weekly schedule looks like.  When I first started homeschooling over 3 years ago, our schedule was very regimented. Over time, our schedule has become more relaxed and flexible; this is commonly the case with many homeschoolers who figure out that recreating a "school" atmosphere at home can actually have many disadvantages.  Here is a peek inside our routine.

Weekly Routine

Because I am balancing homeschooling with being a homeopathic practitioner, no two weeks are precisely the same. However, I do have a loose weekly schedule that I aim for.

Many will see this schedule and immediately wonder: "Is that it? What about math and writing?"  Our weekly schedule is a sort of bare-minimum. In reality, a substantial portion of our learning and school activities happen spontaneously throughout the week. For instance, there are often little math lessons when my children want to count up their money to buy something at the store. Writing happens as we make lists of things to buy, create cards and letters, journal in our nature notebooks, and play games.

I have learned through experience that the unplanned lessons which my children learn as we go about our lives are often the most valuable. By being flexible, I can capitalize on the many opportunities for learning that naturally arise. Sometimes I even ignore the plan altogether and use a whole week to delve deeper into something that has captured my children's excitement. These unplanned lessons are fueled by passion, and that makes them seem to stick in my children's brains much more than worksheets ever could.

Daily Routine

Our daily routine varies considerably depending on my homeopathic appointment schedule and whether or not we stay at home all day. A typical weekday at home looks like this:
  • 6:30-7:15AM
    • I typically wake before the children, so I grab a quick snack and head to the computer to work on e-mail, blogging, articles, or homeopathic case study.
  • 7:15-7:45AM
  • 7:45-8AM
    • Family work: The children and I clean the kitchen, start laundry, make beds, etc.
  • 8-8:45AM
  • 8:45-10AM
  • 10-11:30AM
    • Children have free play while I work on homeopathic cases, blogging, or household tasks.
  • 11:30AM-12:30PM
    •  Lunch and clean-up.
  • 12:30-2:30PM
    • More free play while I work on homeopathic cases or blogging. 
    • Frequently, this time also includes more reading aloud or playing a game together.  
    • Snacks.
  • 2:30-4PM
    • Quiet Time: 
      • Children go to separate rooms where they play quietly, listen to audio books, work on projects, color, etc. These days my children will often spend about 30-45 minutes on their own and then collaborate quietly on workbooks, legos or cuisenaire rod projects.
      • I take a 10-15 minute power nap, then study homeopathic texts, homesteading-related books, or 7 Keys Certification materials.
  •  4-5PM
    • Chores and cleaning:
      • My daughter does her chicken chores (feeding, watering, egg collecting, etc).
      • Both kids finish and clean up any Quiet Time activities.
      • I work on laundry, cleaning, or short homeopathic phone appts.
  • 5-6PM
    •  Dinner prep and/or free play
  • 6-7PM
    • Dinner and cleanup
  • 7-8:30PM
    • Free time for all, including playing, discussing, reading, creating, etc.
  • 8:30-9PM
    • Prepare for bed and family read aloud. 

Do you have a weekly or daily routine? How does it vary with the seasons?


    arianne said...

    I linked to this from the TJed forum. It was really nice to see your routine. It's so helpful and comforting to see what other moms are doing. That I don't need to give into the pressure to do more.

    Sarah Smith said...

    Great, I'm glad you found it useful! The pressure to do more is strong; I started out our homeschooling doing much more, which just led to burnout for all of us. This approach is working so much better!

    Camie said...

    I like your weekly routine and agree that unplanned lessons, just living life, are often best. Great post! :)