Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Natural Heartburn Remedies

I've had problems with heartburn ever since my first pregnancy over 5 years ago.  I posted previously that I find fermented foods (such as sauerkraut and milk kefir) to be helpful for heartburn, and this is still the case. But I do still get heartburn frequently nonetheless.

I've recently started consulting with Alan Saxon, a classical homeopath/nutritionist/osteopath, and he gave me some great tips for heartburn that I wanted to share. 
  • Eat smaller, more frequent meals rather than large meals
  • Avoid carbonated drinks, as the fizz can move your stomach contents up to where they should not be (awww, no more guava kombucha for me!)
  • Practice deep breathing (like the breathing practiced during yoga), which will strengthen the esophageal sphincter
  • Take extract of orange peel 3 times a day for a month (this is supposed to be a very effective treatment)
  • First thing in the morning, drink two glasses of liquid (any liquid will work); wait a couple minutes, and then stretch onto your tippy-toes.  Then come crashing down onto your heals as hard you you can without hurting your back. Do this on a soft surface, such as carpet. Repeat this for 3-4 mornings.  This helps because the liquid acts as a weight in your stomach and can help pull the stomach downwards where it should be.  I'm guessing this will help me since my stomach may still be shifted up a bit from my two pregnancies. (Now if only I can remember to do this first thing in the morning!)
  • Using a tennis ball or your fist, push in right below your breastbone (between your ribs).  Push deep into the solar plexus and twist the ball, then push it down to your navel and hold it for about a minute.  This is another trick that helps to ensure your stomach is down where it should be. This one can be done a few times a day, and in my case, especially before bedtime since that is when I tend to have the most heartburn.
I'm very excited to put these recommendations into practice, and to see what other health improvements can be made through consulting with Alan.


Anonymous said...

My husband is a upper cervical chiropractor. However, if someone has frequent heartburn like you are describing, he can pinpoint a specific place between the shoulder blades and ask, "Is this uncomfortable?" EVERY TIME it is! It's a simple adjustment that brings lots of relief. Most people can't get over what an easy solution it truly is.

Anonymous said...

Apple Cider Vinegar (Bragg's) is a great thing too. Seems counter productive but it is almost instant relief. I have drank it straight before but I prefer mixing with water now. Tastes like sour water (just imagine lemon). :)

Kerri said...

This is such a timely post for me, thank you! Only 7 weeks into pregnancy #2 and I already have heartburn. Feeling hopeful about these recommendations. :)

Jennifer said...

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing these tips! I have suffered for many years now and have good days and bad days. I also suffer more at night. My wonderful husband even raised the head of our bed to help me with that. I was told by a chiropractor about pushing in and down under my breastbone and that does help sometimes. (I wish she had a simple adjustment to take care of it!)

Is the extract of orange peel a special thing or is it something I could make myself? I have seen orange extracts for cooking, but they are not labeled as orange peel.

Sarah Smith said...

Orange peel extract is not something you could make yourself. There is some info about it here:
I think it is fairly expensive, but totally worth it if it actually cures the heartburn in a month!!

Helena said...

Very often heartburn is caused by a slight inflammation due to infection by bacteria or parasites - taking antiparasitic herbs for a month or two very often help. Do not use if pregnant!
It may also be because of too LITTLE acid in the stomach - sourkraut and such will then help.
When I was pregnant the only thing that helped was raising the head of the bed AND drinking carbonated water! The fizzy water often helped instantly... ;)

Jennifer said...

Thank you for this information, Sarah.

Heartburn Remedies said...

Useful information shared..I am very happy to read this article..Thanks for giving us nice info. Fantastic walk-through. I appreciate this post.

Unknown said...

Really nice post on the natural Heartburn Remedies which are very effective. You had given the easy ways naturally without any risk, It is very helpful.. Thanks a lot.

Cynthia said...

I had a lady at a Pharmacy who helps people with illness's with natural therapy tell me to use ALoe Vera Juice and I take it 3x a day 1/2 a capful before meals then take 1 before bedtime...and I DO NOT have acid reflux/heartburn any longer...its a miracle!!!
She also asked me if I was constipated..and I said if I dont take Cal/Magnesium liquid in the evenings I dont go....so she told me that Aloe Vera would help even with constipation and she told me that when you are constipated the only place for the acid to go is UP! So Im so thankful for this inexpensive rememdy and it WORKS!!!

Sarah Smith said...

Thanks for sharing this tip, Cynthia!

Lynne E said...

Obviously a problem many suffer from! and easy to see there are a variety of reasons for the suffering, so one fix does not fix all :D Two more very effective helps are (1) eat a raw apple before bed, if night time is the problem, and (2)drink a hot 'tea' of slippery elm 15 mins before going to bed. The slippery elm soothes and heals sensitive spots so drink daily for several weeks, but also instantly covers and protects to prevent more damage. Bowen Therapy also can "bring the stomach down" to where it should be. The best, & very helpful and insightful, article on this problem is by Steve Rochlitz - "Vagus Nerve Imbalance/Hiatal Hernia Syndrome". He gives clear and easy instructions for self-help. The article has been reposted here - http://castlehighkingdom.proboards.com/thread/99. For anyone interested in health and recovery :)