Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Food Diary for a Tuesday in July

People often seem to have the mistaken impression that I only eat homemade food or that my diet is perfect. While I do try to eat high-quality food most of the time, I also choose not to spend inordinate amounts of time in the kitchen every day, so I do make some compromises.  Here is a snapshot of my diet from a random weekday:

Tuesday July 7th
  • 12:30pm - Lunch
    • simple salad - one large ripe garden tomato**,  fresh basil leaves, two scoops of full-fat organic cottage cheese, dressed with salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil, and a squeeze of lime juice
    • a few crackers***
    • a handful of fresh local cherries
  • 2:45 - Snack****
    • ~1 cup plain whole-milk yogurt
    • ~1/2 cup sauteed mushrooms (which were being prepped for dinner)
  • 8:15pm - After-Dinner Snack
    • ~1cup plain whole-milk yogurt

*I tend to be very hungry in the first half of the day. I've always been that way. As soon as I wake up, I HAVE to eat something.  Since I tend to wake up 1-2 hours before my children, I usually eat something very simple when I first wake up, and then have a more substantial breakfast later on.
**My mom grows the BEST tomatoes. They have me so spoiled that they are the only tomatoes I want to eat. Thanks Mom!
***These crackers are one of my compromise foods. Yes, homemade crackers would be better. But these will do in a pinch, and I like that they are made with palm oil.
****I don't usually have a snack at this time of day, but on this particular day I had been very active working a lot, so I was unusually hungry.
*****We are currently loving Against the Grain Gourmet brand pizza crust, which is sold in the freezer case at our local healthfood store.  It is composed primarily of cheese, milk, eggs, and tapioca starch. My only complaint with the ingredients is that there is a small amount of canola oil in these crusts, but since the amount is small I have decided not to worry about it.  I know some of my blog readers have reported that my Cheesy Bread recipe also works well as a pizza crust, but I haven't tried that yet since my family just devours the cheesy bread every time I make it.

Do you want to know more about my daily diet? What are your favorite compromise foods?

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Farrah said...

Yes! I loved hearing about your daily diet and it helps put this concept of traditional eating into more realistic terms and it's great for new ideas! I wish so much we had better accessible raw milk in our area. Come on, NY state! I can't wait to make your cheesy bread. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I really loved your post! It would be really cool if you could write more such posts! Do you actually keep a food diary for each day?

Sarah Smith said...

Glad you liked the post! No, I don't keep a food diary each day, but just thought it might be interesting to people to see what I eat. I'm thinking maybe I will do a similar post once a month for awhile so people can see how it varies with the seasons.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I really love your blog, you are very inspirational! :) It would be great if you could write a post about cavities... Something like "My top principles in preventing cavities (food+lifestyle)" or "What we do to prevent cavities"... Something like this. Thank yu so much for taking your time to introduce people to the healthy lifestyle!

Sarah Smith said...

If you want to know more about preventing cavities through diet, I would highly recommend reading Rami Nagel's work. He is the author of Cure Tooth Decay and has done much research into traditional diets and dental health. His website is at:

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah! Yes, I have actually read it, but his diet looks a little too restrictive... Do you overall follow his diet recommendations? I know that you do eat whole grains/fruits/natural sweeteners, so your diet looks less restrictive... Also, his diet seems to cause constipation in some people, because there are so little carbs...

Sarah Smith said...

I used to follow a diet similar to what he recommends, but over time I have come to a place of finding more freedom and balance. For my family, that type of diet was not sustainable in the long-term, and me being very restrictive with our diets didn't do us much good as it created issues with social occasions, led to some unhealthy eating behaviors in my daughter, and an even-more-restrictive diet (GAPS) ended up leading to more health problems.

But, I have only my own family's experience. I know what works for us, but I wouldn't go out and say that our diet "prevents cavities" or has some specific health benefit. It does work for us, but it might not work for everyone. I would be open, though, to sharing more about our diet for those that are interested, but I wouldn't go so far as to assign some specific healing to it. For us, homeopathy has been the missing key to health. Diet only ever gave us temporary improvements in our health that always relapsed over time. With homeopathy our health has been steadily increasing for over 3 years.