Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Superfood Soda Concentrate (nutrient-dense : raw)

Refreshing, tart, and sweet: my family has been enjoying this simple drink concentrate for over a year. It combines two traditional superfoods, raw honey and raw apple cider vinegar, which combine to make an uber-healthy, wonderfully tasty drink.

I have hesitated to share this recipe, because it is so simple and easy to make.  But after having multiple friends ask me for the recipe, I figured my blog followers would like to know it, too.

Superfood Soda Concentrate

  1. If your raw honey has become thick and crystallized, warm it up by placing the jar in a bowl of warm water. This will allow the honey to become thin and pourable. 
  2. Combine equal parts of raw honey and apple cider vinegar. My favorite way to do this involves no measuring and minimal cleanup: Use a half-full jar of raw apple cider vinegar. Place a funnel into the jar, and pour in the honey through the funnel.  It may take a couple refills of the funnel depending on the size of your vinegar jar and funnel. Be patient, as the thick honey can take quite awhile to drip through the funnel; I like to find something else to do in the meantime.
  3. Put a tight-fitting lid on the jar.  Over the next day or two, periodically invert the jar and swish the contents around. It can take awhile for the honey to fully dissolve into the vinegar. 
  4. Once the honey has been fully dissolved in the vinegar, the soda concentrate is ready!
  5. To make a drink, simply pour some of the concentrate into a glass, add your favorite sparkling mineral water, and stir.  The amount of concentrate to use will vary depending on your preference. I like to use roughly 3-4 Tb of concentrate per one cup of fizzy water.
  6. If you don't like fizzy drinks, this same concentrate can be combined with plain, filtered water for a nice electrolyte drink.  When using plain water, I use less of the concentrate, about 1-2 Tb per cup of water.

What is your favorite summertime drink?

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Jacqui said...

Why don't you drink it straight away??

Stephanie Dietz said...

I have had something similiar to this and it reminds me of kombucha. This would be a great way to get someone to drink an electrolyte drink that refuses any kind of fermented drink like water kefir or kombucha. Thanks for posting.

Sarah Smith said...

Oh, because it is WAY too acidic that way! But if you like to drink straight vinegar, go for it!

Sarah Smith said...

Yes, it would be perfect for those people, as well as anyone who it trying to give up the soda habit!

Crystal Laws said...

what does it remind you of? kombucha? or have you ever considered adding fresh ginger? or lemon? well- I'm not a huge honey fan. It's ok- but not like my favorite- and I've already completely given up sodas anyway, but I'm curious about the taste? I'm a wimp when it comes to trying new things...I may need a nudge!

Sarah Smith said...

We all think it tastes great. Maybe a little reminiscent of kombucha, but we brew kombucha too and they definitely taste different. We also gave up soda a long, long time ago. Sometimes I will add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, and that is tasty too. (I adore lemon, and also enjoy drinking fizzy water with just a generous squeeze of fresh lemon juice in it.) If you want to try it and you're not a honey fan, make sure you buy some of the very mild flavored honey, not the dark and strongly-flavored stuff.

Laurie S said...

Looking forward to trying this! I always crave cold, sweet, fermented drinks in the hot summer months, and I love that this is quicker to make than kombucha or kefir.

Rojo said...

Been doing this for over a year. When it is hot in the summer and i am working outside I have one 12 OZ bottle about every hour. When it is cooler I have one mid afternoon for a boost.