Monday, May 13, 2013

Animals to Guard Livestock

For a few years, I've yearned to move where we could have enough land to keep goats and a
whole flock of chickens.  One thing I've wondered about is how to protect those animals from the natural predators in this area, which include coyotes, foxes, and even mountain lions if we were to move close to the nearby beautiful mountains. 

In Jim Mitchell's ebook Livestock Guardian Animals, there is a great amount of information on how to use guardian animals to protect livestock and property.  I was surprised to learn from this book that:
"Two species of guardians, donkeys and llamas, naturally dislike canines and are effective against wolves, coyotes, and marauding dogs."
The majority of this book focuses on livestock guardian dogs, which are distinctly different from herding dogs, companion dogs, and all-around farm dogs: 

"Many breeds of dogs will bark at intruders and chase them away. But only the livestock guardian dog breeds are instinctively wired to bond with stock, relentlessly deter intrusion, and fight to the death if necessary to defend their stock. Just as hunting breeds are bred to hunt and herding breeds are bred to herd, guardian breeds are bred to guard.
The livestock guardian breeds have evolved over centuries with a deep drive to protect and defend their stock no matter what...The goal of a livestock guardian dog is to keep its stock safe from harm."
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Anonymous said...

I know someone who uses donkeys this way, but she didn't know it was actually a thing, discovered once she had a couple. There are four of them now, and they even protect the livestock against the family cat, ha ha!