Sunday, November 13, 2011

Coconut and Fruit Granola (Grain-free : Nut-free : GAPS-legal)

While we've been on GAPS, my family has noticed that we sometimes have a hard time digesting nuts, particularly almonds.  I developed this granola recipe as a nut-free, grain-free alternative.  It is crispy and delicious, and a new favorite travel snack for both of our kids. Snack on it dry, drizzle it with yogurt, or eat it in milk like cereal! 

Coconut and Dried Fruit Granola 
Makes 8-10 cups
  1. Combine coconut flour, water, and yogurt using a hand mixer or stand mixer. 
  2. Add remaining ingredients except fruit, and mix well. Taste for sweetness and add more honey if desired. 
  3. Mix in the dried fruit.
  4. Crumble the mixture onto dehydrator trays*. I like to use the fruit roll trays for my dehydrator, but I'm sure you could use parchment paper instead.  One batch takes up 4 trays in my Nesco dehydrator.  Dry at 150 degrees for 8-12 hours.  
  5. To check for to see if it is done, remove a piece of granola from the dehydrator and allow it to cool completely.  It is done when it is nicely dry and crisp.
  6. Allow to cool completely before transferring to air-tight containers.  I like to store the bulk of it in the fridge (since there are no preservatives) and just keep a small container in the cupboard.  It will easily keep in the cupboard for at least a week, and should keep in the fridge for several weeks.
*If you don't have a dehydrator, I'm sure you could spread this onto cookie sheets and bake it in the oven (I would use the lowest possible temp for several hours).  You'll probably need to stir it a couple times so it doesn't burn.

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    Taryn Kae Wilson said...

    This looks delicious! Wish there were samples to taste over the internet. hehe

    The Gluten-Free 'Dish' said...

    I am so excited to see this recipe! I think this would work well for my family. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    Anonymous said...

    In the directions it says to mix together coconut flour and water and flour? Is it supposed to be yogurt maybe?
    Thanks for this recipe...Looks delicious!

    Sarah Smith said...

    Thank you for letting me know about the mistake. Yes, it should say yogurt! I fixed it.

    Anonymous said...

    Great recipe! I have been trying to figure out how to make a grain and nut-free "granola" for a while. I used all butter instead of coconut oil, bumped up the vanilla and added a touch of cardamom and allspice. This recipe is very versatile. Thank you for posting it!

    Sarah Smith said...

    Sounds great with the changes you made!

    Melissa Naasko said...

    Popper over from Nourishing Gourmet. I think this would make a great gift for me! Easy morning breakfast? I am so in.

    Anonymous said...

    This was really good. Thanks for posting an alternative to almond flour :)

    Tralee said...

    This is delicious! I added cardamom & allspice & extra vanilla (like the comment above). I had to add a bunch more moisture, so used more yogurt. Is the coconut oil supposed to be liquid or solid or softened? I melted mine. My son and I have been on GAPS for over a year and are VERY excited about our first cereal - thanks for a great recipe!

    I've wanted to try to adapt The Healthy Home Economists soaked flour/dehydrated cereal recipe for a while now, but haven't gotten around to it. This is quite comparable.

    Sarah Smith said...

    Thanks for letting me know! Glad you enjoyed it!