Friday, August 5, 2016

Dressing For Positive Body Image - Including Before and After Pictures

This is the final post in my series on positive body image.

I've never been much into fashion, makeup, and jewelry. I never really liked clothes' shopping, as it always seemed so hard to find clothes that fit my petite-yet-curvy proportions. Often, I'd end up buying clothes that fit fine, but that I seldom wore. Part of my underlying body image dissatisfaction was the feeling that finding the right clothes was hard, and that some styles that I admired on others never felt quite right on me. But I didn't know why.

A couple years ago I ran across the "Dressing Your Truth" program, which is designed to help people dress according to their energy type. It includes guidance for clothes, hair, makeup, and jewelry for each energy type. This was intriguing to me. Could it be possible that the reason I never liked fashion was because I was going about it all wrong? Could it be that there was value in such a program?

Spending Money on Learning How to Dress?!?

I've blogged a few times about how energy typing has greatly improved my marriage and my parenting skills. Well, it all started with me finding the Dressing Your Truth (DYT) program. I took a headfirst dive into learning about the energy types and found so much value in being able to better understand myself, my family, and friends.

Yet I vacillated on whether or not to buy the Dressing Your Truth program. I didn't want to spend the money; what if this program didn't work for me? I was skeptical about whether it would work, but I had found the energy type information to be so valuable that I kept wondering about DYT. Since I was on the mailing list, I finally received an offer that the DYT course was on sale for $99. My sister-in-law was willing to split the cost with me (since we are both Type 3's).

So I finally bought the DYT Type 3 course. That $50 has been one of the best purchases I've ever made. It would have been worth the $99 price, too. (And probably much more, but I could never stand to spend hundreds of dollars on something as inconsequential as "fashion".)

Now for the Before and After...


Before Dressing Your Truth

After Dressing Your Truth


Life After DYT

Dressing for my energy type has been life-changing. Shopping is easier because I know exactly what I'm looking for. Getting dressed is easier because, even though I have fewer clothes than I used to, I love everything I have. And best of all: dressing for my energy type makes me feel great. I actually feel more energetic when I am dressed for my energy type, and I can really tell a difference when I am not dressed for my type as I feel sluggish and "blah".

When I am dressed for my energy type, I don't feel dressed up; rather, I just feel like I'm being myself. This has helped my body image, too, because I feel content with the clothes and style I'm wearing. Dressing as a Type 3 with a secondary Type 2 just suits me!

Life after DYT is also different in that random strangers will complement my appearance. That is not something that used to happen. Several people I know have said that I look younger, and I have seen the same in friends who have are also dressing for their energy type with DYT. One friend summed up the change in my appearance by saying she just thought my life must have been going very well lately, because I seemed different.

DYT has been so tremendously beneficial for me that I recommend it to everyone. It is such a wonderful resource for being true to ourselves and reflecting our true selves in our outward appearance.


More Resources About Dressing Your Truth

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Have you heard of Dressing Your Truth? Do you feel content with you style and fashion?


Kate said...

Sarah, I am so grateful that I discovered DYT from your blog a few years ago. It has been one of the most transformational tools I have ever used. I, too, get frequent compliments now, which are nice, of course. But feeling like "me" for the first time, free and confident, is the best. I actually look forward to getting dressed now and have fun shopping for clothes. I love all of Carol Tuttle's work and consider her a great gift to humanity.

Sarah Smith said...

Thanks for your comment, Kate! I, too, consider Carol Tuttle's work as a gift to humanity. I'm re-reading her book "Remembering Wholeness" right now, and it is so powerful!

a. borealis said...

Sarah, are you an ENFP on the MBTI? Every time I read you, this is what I'm getting. The Champion?

Related to your post . . . eeeee! . . . you look so natural and cute in the "after" pictures and just kind "there" in the "before" picture. Muy interesante. I totally relate to you in the lack of interest in fashion. Booooooring. I've always had my own sense of things and it has always included a lot of hats and dresses. :)

Fun posts. I'm so glad for your blog.

Sarah Smith said...

Wow, you are very close! I tested as an ENFJ in MBTI, but my Introvert/Extrovert was close to being right in the middle. :)

It has been a long time since I took that test though (probably ~15 years) and I wonder if it would be the same now. I know they are supposed to be the same for all of life, but I was so much younger then, had no children or husband yet, etc, and I wonder if it would be the same now...

a. borealis said...

Ah, The Teacher. This makes sense. I am an NF myself and have a sense of it in others. You will absolutely test the same thing, I have no doubt; we are who we are in our core and don't change. We can develop skills and broaden ourselves, but we always stay true to ourselves. You should take the test again! That would be fun.