Friday, September 5, 2014

A Homeschooling Desert Walk

One of my favorite things about homeschooling is the freedom to throw the plan out the window. This morning, we awoke to a cool, moist morning after rains last night. Since we live in the hot, dry desert, a cool and moist morning is a real treat for us at this time of year.

Instead of our planned schooling, we went for a walk in the desert. We observed many different wildflowers and the proliferation of plants where a few weeks ago there had been just sand. We descended into the arroyo (dry creek bed) where the moist sand was perfect for the kids to build little castles and volcanoes while I journaled in my nature notebook and drew a few plants. 

We saw ladybugs mating, which spurred an impromptu discussion of reproduction. My daughter sighted one jackrabbit bounding away while my son played with a little black beetle. Then we collected a few of the numerous flowers, watched cactus wrens hopping and screeching, and returned home sandy but happy.

Once home, we learned more about ladybugs: life cycle, anatomy, and reproduction. By this time little brother was ready to move on to his usual car play, as big sister and I practiced drawing ladybugs with increasing levels of detail.

I love homeschool and the freedom to create our own curriculum that goes with the flow of life.

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