Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Safety of Using Homeopathic Remedies While Breastfeeding

This article is a guest post by Joette Calabrese.  This is the second in a series on homeopathy for infants and children. 
As mothers, we know that there is no better nourishment for our babies than breast milk.


Whatever a mother eats, drinks or uses medicinally, will influence her milk supply. Because of this superbly close affinity between the mother’s health and her milk, it’s vital that it be full of rich nutrients (courtesy of her nutrient-dense diet) and clean of any harmful substance from the likes of over-the-counter meds, antibiotics or steroids.

Drugs leave havoc in their wake by suppressing illness, compromising immunity and carrying with them side effects; many of which are not put to rest simply by halting the medication.

But what if the mother gets sick? Well, that’s where homeopathy comes in to play.

Homeopathic remedies are not like over-the-counter meds, antibiotics or steroids. While the latter treat the symptoms, homeopathy addresses the entire person. Additionally, drugs tend to suppress the illness, while homeopathy helps the body overcome it.

Homeopathy has no side effects and will not interfere with any other medications or procedures. Plus, it’s the gentlest and also most powerful way to give the gift of robust health to both mother and child.

When a breastfeeding mother becomes sick, I strongly encourage her to try homeopathic remedies.

This means that the remedies a mother might use for acute illnesses (mastitis, yeast infections, UTI’s, colds, flu’s, ear infections, etc) are both gentle and safe.

Even if the mother and child are in good health, I still encourage the daily use of three cell salt remedies while the baby nurses to promote and maintain robust health. Calc fluor 6x, Nat mur 6x and Silica 6x have a reputation for helping to build bones and teeth enamel, strengthening blood vessels and arteries, and building strong and resilient blood, skin, hair and nails.

These and other cell salt remedies will help to nourish and fortify the infant’s health, too.

A nursing mother gets the best of both worlds when she uses homeopathic remedies. Not only is her health gently and safely restored and supported, but in the process, her baby’s health is also nourished with every nursing moment.
The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice. The reader is encouraged to make independent inquires and to seek the advice of a licensed healthcare provider.

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Elizabeth said...

Love homeopathy for this reason and so many others!

Donna said...

Joette, Your information is always so accurate and informative. I love reading everything you write no matter what site it appears on. Although I have no infants to breast feed, I find your articles always have a correlation either directly or indirectly to some aspect of life, and I pass your info on to others who I feel would also benefit. Your blog is packed with a valuable wealth of infomation.

Ludovica said...

I am currently breastfeeding my third child. How many times a day do you suggest to use Calc fluor 6x, Nat mur 6x and Silica 6x? Can I use them together?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this information!

Anonymous said...

I wish I'd had homeopathy in my life when my babies were little!

Kristy @ Little Natural Cottage said...

Our family has used homeopathy for several years now and it is such a blessing! My health and the health of our children has made such a turn around in the past year. Homeopathy is wonderful!

What a great post.

Abby said...

I want to say I'm all about natural home remedies, herbal remedies and using food as medicine, and I avoid conventional drug treatments almost completely. But the whole idea behind homeopathy is simply ludicrous and I really encourage anyone looking for natural alternative to research a little ... is there better information about homeopathy out there? There are natural alternatives that are VERY effective and safe... but although safe, homeopathy only works by the placebo effect because you are taking such a ridiculously diluted amount of something that there is no possible way it could be effective. Please use come critical thinking before propagating ideas that are based on magical beliefs!

Sarah Smith said...

Homeopathy does not work because of placebo effect. It works on animals and young infants, both of which cannot exhibit the placebo effect.

It is true that homeopathy does stretch beyond our current scientific understanding and that is because it works on the quantum (energy) level, which physicists are just starting to understand more. But the fact that we don't understand it does not change the fact that homeopathy does indeed work, just as thinking the earth was flat did not change the fact that the earth was round.

Many people have to take a leap of faith to try homeopathy, because there is so much misinformation about it. But once they do, people find that it works so much better and deeper than any other healing modality.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if there are any homeopathic remedies that are not safe while nursing? It is very hard to find reliable sources for that, as most will say that none of it is safe because it's not regulated and hasn't been studied enough.

Sarah Smith said...

Disclaimer - I am not a licensed healthcare professional so this is only for educational purposes.

All homeopathic remedies should be safe to use while breastfeeding IF they are used correctly. That means that they should not be taken with mechanical repetition (such as take every day or every other day regardless of symptoms), and if a remedy is not leading to improvement then stop taking it rather than continuing to take it for an extended period of time. Even if a remedy is leading to improvement, there still needs to be close observation to determine when the remedy needs to be repeated (and another dose should never be taken while there is active improvement happening; rather it is time for another dose when the improvements from the previous dose are starting to regress or plateau).

I have read in some of my homeopathic books that some homeopaths recommend that the nursing mother take her remedy at night right after the last feed of the night; this is because the baby will be getting a dose through the mother's milk as well. (But very often, the baby needs the same remedy as the mother anyway.)

Regardless, always watch closely to see how both the baby and mother are reacting to the remedy (and don't assume that any changes are related to something other than the remedy; since homeopathic remedies work on mental, emotional, and physical symptoms they can affect all of those areas).

I hope this helps.

Unknown said...

I too would like to know the answer to this.

Anonymous said...

I breastfeed my baby, for days I've been having wisdom teeth pain!! I have hekla lava, Plantago, and chamomilla all 200c, I have been reading and there's info that said that hekla lava and Plantago decrease milk supply. Do you know if this is correct, this pain has been bothering me for days!! And I need to do something, but I don't want my milk supply to go away!! Is there anything I could take for wisdom teeth pain?

Sarah Smith said...

Here are some links that may help:

I hope this helps in selecting the remedy that best matches your symptoms!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!!

Diyam said...

I am breastfeeding currently to my second child and low milk supply from birth time, any homeopathy medicine.
Iam feel depress,fear of death and loneliness, feel very cold as winter in india.