Sunday, September 24, 2017

USA Unit Study - $6 Through 9/30/17 Only

In case any of you are interested, my All Around the USA Unit Study is currently available for only $6. On October 1st, the price will increase to $8.

All Around the USA is a read-aloud-based unit study that is designed to make learning about the United States fun and engaging for children and parents/educators alike. Rather than focusing on memorization of states and capitals, this unit study seeks to give a small sense of the culture in each region of the USA.

This unit study incorporates the following for each region:
  • geography
  • history
  • Native American studies
  • science
  • stories and folk tales
  • chapter books, including book suggestions for the parents/educators themselves
  • media to accompany the read-alouds
  • pictures of landscapes and famous sites
  • food and recipe suggestions
For more information about this unit study (including sample pages), or if you are interested in buying the unit study, click here.


Mark & Katie said...

Sarah - If you study Canada, look up books by Farley Mowat and "An Arctic Man" by Ernie Lyall. Ernie Lyall says Farley Mowat got things wrong about what it's like where he lives, so two different perspectives on the same place. I suppose most books are somewhat subjective to the author's experience!

Sarah Smith said...

Thanks for the book recommendations, Mark and Katie!