Tuesday, May 9, 2017

10 Fantastic World Music Stations on Pandora

Last year, as part of our homeschool "world trip", my kids and I delved into music from around the globe. We discovered that, in addition to the great Putumayo world music CD's, there are actually many fantastic world music stations on Pandora internet radio. To be sure, there were some world music stations we did not enjoy (ugh, Japanese pop music drove me nuts!), but there were also many world music stations which have become a regular part of our musical experience at home. With our Blu-Ray player, we are able to listen to Pandora radio very conveniently in the main living space in our house.

Our 10 Favorite World Music Stations on Pandora

Punjabi Hits Radio - Upbeat music from India

La Camisa Negra Radio - Latin American pop music

Bluegrass Radio - Appalachian-inspired music, typically with fiddle and banjo

Celtic Radio - Music from Ireland and Scotland

African Radio - Calming mix of African music, including one of our favorite artists, Mamadou Diabate

Cuban Radio - Music featuring African-inspired drums and Spanish lyrics

Mariachi Radio - Traditional Mexican music featuring violin, guitar, and trumpets

Samba Radio - Brazilian music featuring African-inspired beats with Portuguese lyrics

Russian Traditional Radio - Classical Russian music, featuring composers such as Shostakovich

Zorba's Dance (From "Zorba the Greek") Radio - An interesting mix of classical music and classical renditions of modern music

Do you listen to world music? Which stations or artists do you recommend?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks! Love trying new stations on Pandora. Appreciate the tips!